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PO Office Mail Box 194
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia  22015-2233


The Greater Burke Area 
Community of Promise
One of the goals of the Greater Burke Area Community of Promise, of which Burke CARES is a founding member, is to see that safe and secure after-school activities are available for all young people in the greater Burke area. 

Toward that end, the GBACOP is participating in the establishment of a skatepark at the David R. Pinn Community Center on Zion Road, just north of Burke Centre.  If you have not yet seen the mural there, you may want to go see it.  It was designed by a local high school student and painted by members of the community. 

For more information about the Community of Promise, please call one of the coordinators, Susan Lydick at 703-323-6671 or Rose Mahan at 703-44-0026.