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PO Office Mail Box 194
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia  22015-2233


America's Promise

"America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth" is a national organization head quartered in Alexandria.  Its goal is for us as a nation and as communities, to make and keep five promises to every young person, from birth to 18 or 20 years of age.

Those promises are:

First, that every young person shall have an ongoing relationship with a caring adult, such as a parent , teacher, mentor, tutor, or coach.

Second, that every young person shall have a healthy start in life, in terms of medical care, dental care, and nutrition. 

Third, that every young person shall have a quality education. 

Fourth, that every young person shall have safe and secure activities to engage in, and locations for them, outside of school. 

Fifth, that every young person shall have opportunities to contribute to the community through community service.

Thanks to Robinson Community Coalition Coordinator, Mrs. Susan Lydick, a movement has started to make the Burke area a "Neighborhood of Promise" in the "America's Promise" program.  And, toward that end, the organization's Vice President, Carolyn Berkowitz, who is a resident of Burke, and the Director of its Model States and Communities Program, Laura Wade, visited Burke Centre in January, 2001.  Touring our community and meeting with representatives of Burke CARES and of other organizations, they have helped us to initiate the process of becoming a "Neighborhood of Promise."

But achieving that goal will take a lot of work, and keeping the promises we make will take much more.  We will need every resident, every business, every faith community, and every organization here to do what they can, with what they have, from where they are. 

If you can participate in the America's Promise effort,  please call Burke CARES at 703-425-0423.