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PO Office Mail Box 194
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia  22015-2233


News / Thanks / Requests

"He believed that one person can make a
difference, and that every person should try."
Jacqueline Kennedy, about President John Kennedy

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Burke CARES Names New Director

Welcome to Paula Pritchard, the new executive director for Burke CARES. Pauls has worked so hard at maintaining the Virtual Warehouse which has been an outstanding success. We look forward to Paula's new leadership in the Burke CARES initiative.


to the contributors to the Virtual Warehouse. If you want to help: The Virtual Warehouse needs furniture and other items and people to make deliveries of large and/or heavy items. If you want to donate something or have a van or truck and can make deliveries, on occasion, of furniture or other heavy items, please let us know by calling 703-425-0423. See how the Virtual Warehouse works.

Teachers needed:

for Computer Training: Burke CARES really needs an instructor to teach basic computer skills. Please say "yes" because we need you. If you are willing to help, please call 703-425-0423