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PO Office Mail Box 194 
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia   22015-2233


Swimming-Pool Membership Program

"Oaks Cares"
"United, there is little we cannot do." --President John Kennedy 

What Is the "Oaks Cares" Family Swimming-Pool Membership Program?

The community of Burke Centre includes five swimming pools. But one doesn't get to use those pools just by being a resident of Burke Centre. One also has to pay a membership fee. For some of our community's families, that fee is prohibitively expensive. 

The "Oaks Cares" program provides a way for Burke Centre families for whom swimming-pool memberships are otherwise prohibitively expensive, to earn those memberships through community service. 

How Does the "Oaks Cares" Family Swimming-Pool Membership Program Work?

A family in need of a partial or complete swimming-pool membership earns that membership by working at Burke Centre's annual Fall Festival, in October. The membership is good for one summer. If the family itself is unable to work at the Festival, others can work there for that family. 

How Do I Learn More About the "Oaks Cares" Family Swimming-Pool Membership Program?

For more information, please call 703-425-3474 

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