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PO Office Mail Box 194
5765-F Burke Centre Parkway
Burke, Virginia 22015-2233



Assistance in Writing Employment Resumes
"United, there is little we cannot do." --President John Kennedy

What Is the Resume-Writing Assistance Program?

Occasionally, residents of our community need help in composing employment resumes, in order to obtain employment or in order to improve their employment opportunities. 

Now, thanks to the generosity of a Burke Centre resident, who has been involved in composing hundred of resumes and who has helped friends write resumes that landed them the jobs they wanted, Burke CARES can offer assistance in composing and formatting resumes. 

How Does the Resume-Writing Assistance Program Work? 

There are two ways to use the resume-writing assistance program. 

1. One way is to call for individual help. In this case, the person who calls for help will be referred to the person who can provide the help, and they will discuss together how to proceed. 

2. The other way to obtain resume-writing assistance is through one of the Burke CARES computer-training classes.  In this case, as part of the computer training, parts of one or more classes will be devoted to resume writing. 

How Do I Learn More About the Resume-Writing Assistance Program?;

In either case, to learn more about resume-writing assistance, or to obtain assistance in composing and formatting resumes, for our community members, please call  703-250-6070. 

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"If God lets me live,...I shall not remain insignificant. I shall work in the world and for mankind. And now I know that first and foremost I shall require courage and cheerfulness." --Anne Frank